Services that care for you

They don't just make you beautiful, they take care of your hair and scalp.

We have created these services so that people who

suffer from allergies

have the perfect service and quality results.


When your hair or scalp is dry or lacks shine or strength, it means something is wrong and needs to be fixed. The best way to restore balance and restore conditions is to use the substances that nature gives us.

As they are natural treatments, problems with itching or dryness will be reduced and you will be able to recover the strength of your hair and stop worrying about hair loss.

That's why at Wapa we use Secretos del agua products, because we know they are tested and certified.


Aminoprotein Treatment

The permanent straightening that doesn't damage your hair or your skin. Formulated with organic ingredients that emulate keratin.

Look straight and healthy.


Infoactive Strength Treatment

It acts from the root so that your hair regains strength and you can prevent hair loss.


Sensitive Infoactive Treatment

The most powerful relaxant for sensitive scalps or dermatitis.

So you can forget about those annoying itches.


Strength restorer

Achieve strong hair by giving it extra volume and density.


Biolaminar Restorer

Recovers the flexibility of your hair. Nourishes and prevents frizz.



If you need extra hydration for your scalp, this is the treatment for you.


Ground water

Reconstruct your hair damaged by flat irons and the harmful products you have used so far.


that nourishes your hair

Welcome to the new concept of color with natural dyes.

A paradigm shift that means that the products that color your hair not only do not damage it, but also repair and renew it.


Dyeing of oil colors

A blend of natural oils that protects the hair.

With coloring the cuticle is kept closed, so the color stays until you return to the salon.

Dyeing with muds

The muds are created by mixing minerals and plant extracts.

When diluted in water and applied, it produces a protective layer that cares for your skin and gives extra volume to your hair.

Culture of color

It is a mixture of oils and muds.

This creates greater depth at the base of the color and extra protection of the hair and scalp.


Curly hair needs special care so that frizz does not occur and the curl is defined, loose and alive. You may feel that traditional hairdressers don't understand your hair.

That you have had to go through haircuts that leave you with a square and shapeless mane that is impossible to fix with products or updos.

We know that curlies need specific cutting techniques to enhance their hair and make it look perfect either loose or in an updo.

And to define curls and even revive that natural wave you thought was long lost, you need special care.

Depending on whether your hair is more porous or tends more or less to frizz, you will have to use some products or others.

We use organic products that are compatible with the curly method. Because, as you know, not all products can revive and enhance your curly hair.

Check out our special services for curlys:


We make a personalized diagnosis to know your skin type, and the thickness, density, porosity and elasticity of your hair.

This way we will know what products you need to show off a beautiful and healthy curly mane.

Dry cut

Shaping your curly hair is much easier and more effective if done dry.

This is the best way for the look to adapt to the different curl patterns your mane has.

This way, we give it the shape you like while you can see at all times how the final result looks and no surprises when the curl shrinks after drying.


Tenemos un servicio especial que te va a gustar mucho.

Si quieres saber más, llámanos y te informamos.

Continue your home care

We want you to feel beautiful not only when you leave our salon, but every day.

That's why it's so important to create healthy routines for your skin and hair that you can easily integrate into your life.

We recommend the brands that we have in our salon because every day we check their good results in our clients.

Here you can safely purchase your products.

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