The space where the care and beauty of your hair become a unique experience

We help you achieve a healthy and conscious beauty based on the use of organic and natural ingredients

You are entering the
wapa universe

Leave out the rush and noise of everyday life and get ready for this moment that is just yours.

How are you? What do you need?

With just these two questions, we can already bring you though this experience of care and natural beauty.

Your scalp talks, we listen

Our first step is to make a personalized diagnosis to check the state of your scalp and hair.

Begin your experience with a deep clean to remove synthetic residue and give your skin and hair a new lease of life.

Organic products of natural origin

We have eliminated from our salon the harmful substances that poison your skin and hair and cause allergies or dryness.

All our products are obtained by selecting the plants from their origin and respecting the rhythms of nature to achieve the maximum purity of each element.

Disconnect and feel total calmness

In Wapa you will not find noisy conversations or scandals.

We work with previously arranged appointments and we take great care of each client's time.

In this space, you have the peace you need to disconnect from your daily routine.

Do you fancy a massage to prepare your body to receive your colour or treatment?

Every corner of our salon is designed for you to live a comprehensive experience of health, beauty and calm.

Do you want a tea while you decide which one to choose?

What you find in a
conventional hairdressing

What you find in a conventional hairdressing


Woman and man


Hairstyles and hair bun


For the most important day

Special services to
care and surprise

Special services to care and surprise



Coloring with oils and muds

Curly Method

All our services include capillary diagnosis, dermo-capillary washing and biofacial therapy.

Beauty is in
the health

I learned this after many years working as a hairdresser in the traditional way. I was seeing more and more colleagues with allergies and respiratory problems caused by the chemicals in the hairdressers.

This got me thinking about what kind of substances I used in my business and oered to my clients.

Then I discovered natural products and I understood that aesthetics, beauty and health go hand in hand.

For the best service,
the best team

Together we work so that you live a unique experience and feel very Wapa and healthy.

Do you want to be part of the Wapa’s team?

We are looking for a committed person who shares our passion for oering a unique experience to our customers.

Does it make sense to you?

The very best of us


We know the times of each service so that you do not have to wait and, when you are inside, you have an exclusive treatment.

Active listening

Even if you are a regular customer, we always ask you what you want and, based on that, we advise you the best for you from our experience.


We take care of every detail so that when you go out, you don’t only feel Wapa, but also refreshed and relaxed.

Have you got questions?